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LED manufacturing is not an absolutely accurate science.If you make a million diodes you get a million diodes which are a little bit different from each other.So the diodes go through a process called binning, in which they are tested and assigned to a "bin" which is called labelled in accordance with the Macadam Ellipse Steps.

We use only one bin LED with 3 steps Mac-Adam ellipse, to create impressive color consistency and homogeneous light emission surface, to warranty perfect lighting effect for your project application. We offer 3-5 years long life warranty according to different          product series.

CRI – Colour Rendering Index

CRI is a quantified measurement of how a light source accurately reveals the true color of an object.

The CRI rating is 1-100 and 100 being daylight at noon on clear sunny day. The fewer the numbers, the harder it is to distinguish colors, especially navy blue and black. To get the CRI of the light source, you need to test it against standard colour. Each color has        a percentage of the R value, and then average to show the CRI.

R01 Light Greyish Red

R02 Dark Greyish Yellow

R03 Strong Yellowish Green

R04 Moderate Yellowish Green

R05 Light Blueish Green

R06 Light Blue

R07 Light Violet

R08 Light Reddish Purple

R09 Strong Red

R10 Strong Yellow

R11 Strong Green

R12 Strong Blue

R13 Light Yellowish Pink

R14 Moderate Olive Green

CRI in the 60's is enjoyable for cool white light, such as industrial environment but not suitable for living house.

CRI in the 80's is good and mostly used in residential and most hotel application.

CRI in the 90's is the best and normally used in highpoint retail and medical environment

Our LED strip and LED neonflex are available Ra80+ & Ra90+ for option.

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